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Hi, I'm Annisa.

I am a web developer with high passion in coding, design and layout of a website. I have experiences in digital marketing, research and building a startup. I speak English, French and Bahasa Indonesia. I approach all tasks with enthusiasm and confidence.

I am INTJ (Introverted Intuitive Thinking Judging) with endless capacity for improving upon anything that takes my interest. I have unusual independence of mind. I possess the unusual trait combination of imagination and knowledge. I enjoy developing unique solutions to complex problems. I love to code and to cook. I usually spend my time reading, diving, watching copious amounts of movies, and eating all sorts of good food. I share social and environmental values.

My unique experience with many disciplines, my genuine love of technology, my ability to clearly and precisely communicate to clients, vendors and stake holders combined with my experience within multiple roles has enabled me to pave a strong foundation in facing new challenges and new technologies.

I've never thought of myself as a female engineer, or a founder, or a women in tech. I just think of myself as someone who's passionate.

~ Leah Busque, co-founder & executive chairwoman, TaskRabbit

My Skills

Technical skills and programming languages that I am familiar with

SEO HTML5 CSS JavaScript Bootstrap jquery Python nodejs mysql react


Community and Open Source I am a part of

codingmumIndonesia hacktoberfest2020

My Featured Projects

I created websites using standard HTML,CSS, Javascript, jQuery, nodejs, express.


SubHub helps you to find the nearby restaurant with various types of cuisines within an area from 200M to 10KM

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Weather Dashboard

Weather Dashboard a simple weather dashboard that retrieves data from Open Weather Maps.

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Day Planner

Day Planner a simple calendar application that helps user to save events for each hour of the day.

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Book Club Store

Book Club Store is a generated-random books web apps.

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WA Grup Info

WA Grup Info is collection of whatsapp group informations.

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Chatterbox Chat Apps

ChatterBox is a chat apps implementing socket io

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Either you are looking for a web developer, or just wanna have a chat about tech, startup, motherhood or random stuff.Let's talk! If you prefer you can email me : [email protected]